Sunday, March 15, 2009

RM5000 Discount for Proton & Perodua Owners

It's pleasant to hear our country to release RM60 billions 2nd stimulus package by our deputy prime minister on few days back, to stimulate the worsen economy around the country.

Some of the interesting 2nd stimulus packages including post-graduate opportunities, government employment opportunities, various incentives for retrenched workers, and RM5,000 discount for Proton & Perodua owners.

Today I would like to compliment about one of the 2nd stimulus packages, which is RM5,000 discount for Proton and Perodua owners. The deal is a discount of RM5,000 will be given to car owners who trade in their existing cars which are older than 10 years to buy new Proton or Perodua cars. This is a good idea to support our country's automotive industry, where also to benefits those who want to change a new car with existing Proton car undervalued with RM5,000.

The new Proton Saga indeed is a 'not bad' entry car with reasonable price.

Fine. As a Malaysian, we always doubt about government decision as there are so many loop holes for a good offer from the government. Yes, I would say our suspects are always right, this stimulus package was hidden with full of silly conditions, I'm not sure whether you're aware about it. To thumb of rule is, before you can trade in, the car must be examined by Puspakom (M'sia vehicle examination center) first. If there is any condition doesn't meet the requirements, the car owners must fix it before they can trade in.

Basically the condition is 'suitable for driving on the road', which needs to fulfill the following elements:
1) The car body is in complete form.
2) Engine in good condition and it's not releasing dirty smokes.
3) The braking system is under good condition.
4) Main lights and signal lights are proper functioning.

I understand the cars will be collected and send to scrap. Before that, they might take out whatever parts and accessories which can be re-condition. But if this is the case, it shouldn't be named as stimulus package, it's a marketing plan from government instead.

I heard the latest Proton Exora (MPV) is quite ugly but consider cheap.

I have some questions for this offer, as below.
1) I suppose stimulus package is to trigger the country economy, no?
2) If I'm effort to buy a new car, I won't be driving a 10 or 20 years old car, no?
3) If I've to fix the faulty parts before I can trade-in, is it more convenient for me to trade-in with other car dealer? And may be I might get a better value than what offer by the government?
4) Even though government offering RM5,000 discount for those low income earners to change their vehicles, will they afford to buy a new local car that cost them about RM30k-60k (havent add the loan interests of 3-4%) over 5 to 9 years loan?
5) Will it be better if government just scrap this offer and think of another marketing plan, like giving a special price for low income earners to buy Proton/Perodua? Or perhaps Proton and Perodua can cut down their margin to boost up the productivity?

Well, this is just my personal opinion. I believe there are many people complaint about this plan. We will see how this plan fails soon, or how the government react on this.


Anonymous said...

Another money making stint for Puspakom. Logically speaking if we have to repair our old cars to top driving condition then might as well just fix and continue driving our old cars. NO need for monthly instalments and the hassle of running around to JPJ and Puspakom knowing well our old cars will need money to fix and then be scrapped. If the government is sincere in helping the car industry and the people don't have all this redtape. Just produce our roadworthy car for exchange at the car showroom and get on with all the process of acquiring a new car speedilly. I'm in the midst of acquiring a new Proton car because it's the cheapest around. All this information has me getting second thoughts about a new car.

Anonymous said...

I have an 23year old idle car can be scrapped but it'll cost a few thousand to get it fixed to running condition. With that cost in mind, the discount may be thinned down so much and not worth it all. Might as well keep the old car, afterall its a classic.
How stupid and lean this scheme can be. Its not a favourable scheme for my predicament. This is what you get for voting BN gahmen. They don't give you real deals..just sweets and toffees. Bah!

Vincent Lee said...

Yes, u both are right. Nothing much we can do for now except to spend more on old car for this scheme. What a tragedy for one of our economy stimulus packages!

Anonymous said...

i heard from the salesman in the perodua showroom that the old car to trade in for RM5K not necessary in tiptop condition. The main requirement is the old car must not a "Kereta potong". They just need to confirm the chasis number of the engine with the body only. Maybe i was fooled, but I will send my old car for puspakom by next week. Let's see how :)

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