Saturday, November 14, 2015

Do We need to Humble?

My dad is a person that like to talk a lot, talk like he is very good, excel and know everything. On the other hand, my mum is a very humble person. She always taught me to be humble even though we are good at certain thing. The only thing she likes to show off is about her children’s achievement. She is always proud about it. Just happened that my dad also likes to do so, including his grandson, a lot.

I have seen many people who like to extremely like to show off, extremely humble until tell lies to deny their achievements. Well, I’m those people who are extremely humble. I feel myself is just a normal person, nothing superior and living in a difficult situation. In fact, I also have nothing to show off on top of my mum’s lecturing. I wish to show off to my buddies and friends that I have a pretty girl friend, making good income, become celebrity or success in career. But somehow, I did not achieve neither. By growing older, I think these are just materialistic things to me now.

Until today, I really cannot think of 1 single thing I’m proud of. All the things I achieved are just mediocre and below par. So I want to show off, but I cannot. So I think myself is acting humble.
Anyway, a mentor used to advice, there is no point for a mediocre person to be humble. People do not feel the need to be humble, because you are not outstanding. 

Even you are trying to show off, people will aware you are nothing. However, just imagine if Warren Buffet said, I’m not really success in stock market investment, but just look for 2 meals. And imagine if I say that. What’s the difference?

What my mentor is trying to bring out is, you don't have to be purposely humble, but be yourself. Humility doesn't bring any effect to most of us, but to the successful person. When you achieve something, do remember where are you come from and there's always someone better than you do. That’s the right thing to do.

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