Sunday, November 29, 2015

Do You Wake up on Time?

Just wondering how many of you are able to wake up on time every morning?

Some people wake up automatically. Some people are very discipline. Some people are force to do so. Some people are lazy. Some people off the alarm, and sleep back. Some people are having good imagination that they are waking up in their dream. Some just don't care about the alarm and continue sleeping. So which type of person are you?

For those belong to category 1 and 2, congratulations. You are my idol in this area. No doubt, I'm the type where I sleep back after turn off the alarm. It's simple, I would like to continue to sleep and I guess I don't have enough sleep. I also don't want to think about what is going to happen next in the new day.

I usually sleep around 11.30pm to 12am. And set the alarm to ring around 7.15am. That's about 7 to 7.5 hours sleep. But that only last me till 6pm then I'll drop on my table to take a short nap.

After I read a book named The Sell by Fedrik Eklund early this month. I realized the reason and I can actually overcome it. I have been consistently wake up on time over the past 3 weeks. What is his advice?

Nothing new. Get enough sleep. Human needs 7 to 8 hours sleep a day. Apart from that, we need a goal to wake up on time. For him, getting more deals and paychecks are the main motivation to get him up on time at 5.30am, and sleep at 10am. By following his advice, I started to sleep around 11 to 11.15am. I also think about what motivates me to go work, and how I can increase my income. Then here I go.

I'm not sure how long can it lasts, but at least it temporary resolves my overslept issue. Have a great new Monday ahead!

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