Sunday, November 1, 2015


We usually have about 10 to 15 folks to gather and play badminton to kill our Sunday morning. Over the past few months, my performance is degrading, stamina dropping and I don't see myself has any improvement or breakthrough. I'm telling myself, perhaps it's time to either retiring from badminton, or change to other sport hobby.

As usual, we play at new court this morning due to our usual venue has been reserved for competition. I have to admit I've played so well in all my games this morning, the first time of the year. I have full control of the game, where I can easily move forward and backward without getting tired.

I have been thinking about it after went home. I think I found motivation and that's why I played so well. How the motivation comes? There's a bunch of young people including few pretty ladies waiting for their court to be cleared and they are watching how we play. I feel really motivated when they watching us. But why I'm motivated?

I think it's some sort of chemistry that makes me into my peak desire to play the games. It just cannot explained. But why some other times when there's crowd or ladies around, I couldn't performed?

Same goes to my career, where I have almost lost my motivation to move further. I'm stuck there, wake up late to work, and did not put much effort in building the business lately. I'm tiring, sick of building new network, and giving up to think how to resolve the problems.

Thank God that I realized one thing today after the badminton games. It's not about the crowd or ladies, but one important thing.

It's about teamwork and support. If your partner did not set properly for you, you cannot score. If your partner plays very badly, you'll be demotivated. Without the support from your favorite person, it's difficult to breakthrough because you'll feel lonely.

On top of these 2 keys, another most important key is persistence. If you never give up, you are not consider lose. If you never give up, may be your lucky moment will comes. If you never give up, you will be succeed one day. Sounds familiar? Yes, everyone agree with it, but how many can last?

I would suggest, persistence with improvement. Try to improve bit by bit day by day if not week by week, put extra effort, get a mentor to guide, work hard and then only be persistence. That's where never give up will change your luck one day.


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