Sunday, September 18, 2016

Broke Up

Most of the time, we do things according to our habit and preference. And most of the time, we did not considerate enough the love one surrounding us.

I was dumped by girl friend few days ago. She told me I'm too selfish, I always did not think in her perspective and only care about my career. She complained that her friends are even better than me as a friend. I'm so upset when I heard it.

I admitted I did it in wrongly, even though I still think there's miscommunication and I'm trying to do thing without her knowledge. But eventually it comes to a stop, where she cannot stands due to the pressure from her career and friends.

I'm regretting these few days and I've tried to salvage the relationship but she refused to give me a chance to revive.

I have pondered over it the entire night, I think I will have to solve the problem instead of keep myself upset and abandoned. I'm assured that I still like her and not afford to lose her. I need to take actions and adjust my characteristics to win her heart back.

Well, think, talk and plan are always easy. When it comes to action, it is the main challenge. It's about perseverance and courage.

Stay tune.

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