Monday, September 12, 2016

Movie Review: Train to Busan

It is a public holiday today, so we drove to neighbor city to buy something and watched Train to Busan at the same time.

I would say the movie ticket price has been shot up a lot followed by the inflation. About 16-20 years ago, I remember it was only $4 to $5 during weekend. The movie ticket we bought yesterday was $16 including 6% GST! That's scaring. That means if I have $5m today, It may be only worth less than $1.25m 20 years later. It seems like the people really have to earn more for future retirement, and hope that the children won't cause much financial trouble.

Back to movie review, Train to Busan is a korean action and thriller movie lasted for almost 2 hours. The main handsome actor and pretty actress reminds me of an movie, named ;Silenced; which was acted by both of the same actors. I still remembered it very much.

In fact, almost everyone knows this movie is actually a copy cat of 'World War Z' (WWZ) acted by Brad Pitt 3 years ago. From the look at it, the zombie character is almost identical - hyperactive, only know how to run and bite victim, sensitive to sound, virus spread in minutes, etc. The only difference is zombie cannot see target without sunlight. And of course, the entire excitement is also came from WWZ - Zombies attacking human.

In fact, there are too many uncommon sense, illogical scenes and actions found in the movie, especially towards the end of it which totally think the director treated the audience are stupid. This movie is not so focus on story line and logical sense, but focus more to make the audience being excited and thrilled. It's nothing wrong with that, every director has their own tactic to film it. Overall, the movie is still pretty worth to watch just like WWZ if you like action movie.

Some of the examples of illogical scenes:
1. From the beginning when all passengers have entered the train, how can the train station only has 1 guard out there and where's the rests, passengers and CCTV surveillance?
2. How come the 3 ladies and the man can closed up the toilet door when the zombie already discovered their location? And the scene is not even finished?
3. The train's glass finally break when the fat actor trying to close it. The rests are unbreakable.
4. How come the old man and the male attendance can escaped from the massacre by the zombies and managed to hide in the toilet?
5. How come suddenly there's a train on fire and crush into other train? Just because want to arrange the other actors die?
6. There's a train driver became zombie and found 'inside' the self driving train with the door closed. So who bite him inside the train?
7. The old train driver trying to rescue the old man from zombie. An old man to rescue an old man? How can he helps when the zombies run faster than both of them?
8. The old man is able to catch up the last train, but he doesn't know how to operate the train. How come the train speed is only increase when the main actors are trying to catch it up?
9. How come the old man takes so long to transform into zombie (from being bitten till the actors get on board, and still have time to talk non-sense)? Just because he wants to finish the conversation with the main actor? Why not the actor just finish him off the train before he transforms to zombie?
10. The final 5 mins part is the most ridiculous part at Busan tunnel. I think just because the director wants to make you feel excited by trying to kill the pretty actress and kid. Other than that, the whole scene is unnecessary. Remember the zombie does not walk as usual in the dark. And how come all other zombies died outside the tunnel, but the army stayed remains inside? How to spot enemy?

After all these non-senses, the moral of the movie is good. More and more humans are becoming selfish but they are unaware, due to the stress working environment and cruel reality. Someone will need to sacrifice and become the leader, the rests may follow.

Anyway, below is my personal review on Train to Busan:
Cast: 7.5/10
Plot: 3.5/10
Effect: 8.5/10
Action: 9/10
Story line: 6/10
Overall: 6.9/10

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