Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Surprised Call Last Night

I was very surprised last night, where a primary & secondary school closed friend called me and told me that he is getting married by end of this year. He is asking whether I can attend his wedding ceremony.

Actually with our age, nothing to be surprised as we supposed to get married few years back. But for this friend, I must raise my salute. Along his life, he has yet to date any girl. Meaning he does not has any girl friend before this. Why? Perhaps he has no interest, as I don't think he is shy type.

When we met up during Chinese New Year, about 7 months ago, he still told me that he still has not yet find his Mrs. right.

Anyway, it is definitely a good news and congratulate to him. His family should be also very proud of him. Just that I don't even know who is his Mrs. Right. I will going back to my hometown to meet him soon to find out.

I'm not sure if I can attend his wedding due to my current financial and business situation. I only have few closed friends, he is one of the very few and keep in touch until this year. I'll definitely trying to support him whenever I can. :)

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