Sunday, October 2, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect?

I read an Internet article recently about the current top NBA player, Stephen Curry on how he fight all the way up in his career.

Well, the old always tell us that nothing is easy when it comes to making money, every success has a huge price behind. If we want to success continuously, the continuous huge effort is inevitably.  Else it will not last long.

Back to Curry's daily practice, there is one particular part impressed me a lot. Needless to say he is always the first person arrives in the court for training. When their daily training session is over, he volunteer to stay back and shoot 5 consecutive shots from the penalty line, without touching the ring before he allows to go home. Once the ball touches the ring or not in, he has to reset until the mission is completed.

Imagine this is a very challenging job. We make me lucky to get 1 or 2 shots without touching the ring. But 5 consecutive shots, you do not need lucky but you needs high accuracy and skill. And that is why he is so flexible and accurate in his shot today. I make me immediate think of 'practice makes perfect'.

The old also says, practice doesn't makes perfect, but only 'right' practice makes perfect. Do the right thing relentlessly with right coaching, you can see the improvement faster. Once you see the improvement, this is where it motivates you to move up further.

I'm thinking, can this be applicable to entrepreneurship and business as well? May be or partly, but from different aspects, and even more challenging. The only chance you can practice is before you start your business, when you are working with others and leverage on your free time to study and learn.

But for coaching, who the hell want to coach you when comes to making money? Aren't the mentors are self-benefit oriented? Either you pay, you contribute or they simply give lazy advice to you. Will your mentor responsible if you lose money? Think again.

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