Sunday, October 16, 2016

Facing and Solving Problems

Everyone has problems and everyone has to face problems. If you take more responsibilities as a person, be it in your career, family or association, you will face even more problems. Expect problems? I don't think most of us like it.

Due to I'm running a new business, I'm facing problems almost everyday. Those problems can be ranging from small to big, easy to challenging, less headache to very headache. Most of the times, the problems are not able to resolve within couple of days or weeks, it takes months! Imagine how can I sleep peacefully with these problems in mind. Sometimes, I just have one thought, give up.

Anyway, no matter what, I have chose my own career path. I want to be successful in my career and to be the few % out of 100. I have no choice, but to continue to run it alone for now. I have always tried my very best to solve every problem comes. Sometimes I solved it with very lazy and stupid way, sometimes luck is with me and solve it eventually.

Along the way, facing and solving problems really provided me a lot of invaluable experience. Imagine you are trying to solve a problem for more than 6 months, and you finally solve it one day! How do you feel? Joy, excited, want to tell yourself, 'finally!'. Yes, I have this feeling. It's a pain process.

From my recent experience, there are few ways that can help relieving the pain of solving problems. When facing problems, we may:
1) Ask for help from the right candidate. For example, if you face technical issue, talk to your technical friends or ask for the right contacts from whoever know about it. This is the best way I've encountered, but somehow people tend to forget.
2) Google / Internet sourcing. Yes, it helps a lot sometimes!
3) Get a mentor or join the relevant association / forum.
4) Think and practice. Right practice makes perfect. Once you always solves relevant problems, you will definitely become better.
5) Follow your guts. When you have no choice, you may just follow your guts after listened to few comments. Remember the word AFTER, not simply follow your guy first. It works most of the time.
6) Pray. It may not completely helps, but it injects more confidence into our decision. God is with us. :)

Happy facing and solving problems.

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