Sunday, October 9, 2016

Back from Hometown Lesson

I was back to my hometown for about 6 days 5 nights last weekend.

Well, this trip is quite busy as this time there's a ex-cell group friend also back from Singapore for vacation. I have almost 10 years did not meet her already.

I managed to catch up with some old friends for a coffee session, and one of them wedding invitation card to us. Most of them are climbing the corporate ladders, except one doing small F&B business. Compare to them, perhaps I look a little bit more successful as an entrepreneur. But unfortunately, I'm the worst among all of us as I have 7 months did not get my salary due to the company has not sufficient income.

The following night we were gathering with some of our ex-cell group members. All of them still look quite young, and not marry yet even though we are approaching 40 soon. The only married person is the lady friend who back from Singapore, who married 8 years back with 2 kids.

The following day's evening I had badminton session with ex-church fellows. A good play but it seems they are short of players.

The night before I flew back to working place, I had a coffee session with some ex-church young adult fellows. They look happy go lucky. Perhaps that's one of the ways to release stress. Similarly, most of them also not married yet.

In conclusion, what happen to the young adult in my hometown now, including myself?!

After I broke up with my girl friend last month, she let me realized my problems. I better correct them as soon as possible and I hope I'm the next one deliver the invitation card!

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