Sunday, November 6, 2016


My mum called me yesterday evening while I was having my dinner at home.

She told me that my brother is being officially informed by his company to relocate to a suburban town (about 8 hours drive from my hometown) with pay cut of 25% and accommodation is not included. She told me my brother has no choice but to reject it and resign. She asked me if there's any vacation suitable for him over here.

In my opinion, isn't it very obvious that his boss is asking him to get the hell out of his company without any compensation. He has been working for that company for about 7 years as sales executive and that's how he being treated after all. Of course, may be he did something wrong, may be he did not hit his sales target, or the company is facing difficulty in such economy situation, I don't really know as he did not tell us about it in details.

What I want to share with you is that, you can be hardworking today, but it doesn't mean you can do so the next year same day. It's because your commitment will increase. For example, got married and having children. Or you are a top sales today, doesn't mean you will be the top sales again the next year. It's because things changed rapidly nowadays, with the advent of technology.

I have seen a 6 years consecutive top insurance salesperson suddenly shift his career to become a training / seminar coach! When being asked why, he said technology changed too fast, he cannot be continuously doing the same thing while want to get more income. So he has decided to change his career, take the big risk and try something new with a lot bigger potential income. The interesting part is, he makes use of social media to be part of his marketing tool. Well, perhaps it's very common in the developed countries. But in my hometown of only 800k population, that's rare!

In contrary, what I noticed is my brother has been doing the same thing over the past 7 years. Yes, perhaps he can easily hit the quota with his intelligence and hard work for the 1st few years and the boss should likes him. But situation and thing have changed over time. Especially with the advent of technology, thing changes very rapidly over the past few years. In addition, Malaysia economy is facing downturn since a couple of years ago. Local careers are getting tougher and complicated nowadays.

My brother is turning to 39 next year, which he falls in his mid life crisis of being jobless. He has a wife and 2 kids of 7 year old and 1 year old to feed, with the inflation rate of almost 60-80% from 7 years ago. What make him worsen is, he has no savings and rely heavily on my parents. I'm sure he is facing a lot of pressure now.

So what next for him? He told my mum he will try to look for a job. But for how confident he is, I do not know. But I need to help him. How to help? I will ask around locally and in my hometown to see if there's any job opportunity for him. That's what the best I can do for him for now.

Anyway, jobless is not hopeless. We need to encourage him to overcome this.

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