Sunday, November 13, 2016

Live Again But Even Worse?

Have you ever think of back to the future and live again?

Sometimes, or most of the times, we made wrong decisions and bad things happened on us. How we wish to go back to the future and do the right things and make us rich!

I watched a China local made comedy movie last night, named 'Goodbye Mr. Loser'. That's reminds me of a Hollywood movie 'Click' act by Adam Sandler which I watched about 10 years ago. The story line depicts about a useless man where he doesn't work since graduated and fully relying on his wife for a living. His wife was his school mate and they grew up together. But he is not happy about his current situation.

One day, he attended his first love (campus belle) wedding luncheon, he was humiliated by his wife and he falls asleep in the wash room. When he wake up, he is back to the secondary school time. This time, he is trying to avoid his wife and go after his campus belle. The interesting part is, he thought of create and sing back those songs that the 'future' celebrities have sang, including Jay Chow's songs, etc. So he got rich very easily after that and get everything he wants physically.

However, he doesn't feel happy as he was before. His new wife, campus belle married to him because of his money and fame. They do not really have love in between. One of his ex-classmates sticks with him because of the same things as well. And he is also sick and under pressure of those celebrities keep pressing him for composing new songs. So he started to spend money to have relationships with many other women.

One day, he bumps into an ex-classmate and he told him about his ex-wife sacrificed her body for him in an incident. He was so touched and he started to think back the beauty of his ex-wife, and what did he did for him. He regrets what he did and he is trying to give up everything and retrieve back his ex-wife. But it's too late, his ex-wife has married to his ex-classmate. He tried to exchange all his wealth with his ex-classmate for his ex-wife, but he was hit by his ex-classmate and admitted to hospital.

After that, the doctor found out he is infected with HIV. At the same time, his mother falls in love with his ex-classmate who loves his money. He feel that he was in disaster and a lot worse than his previous life. He decided to give up his life by declining to accept HIV treatment.

After all the disasters, he wake up and realized he just fall asleep in the wash room. He happily rush out and look for his wife. They got back and live happily together after that. That's more or less the same story line with 'Click' isn't it?

I was crying like hell when I watched towards the end of 'Click'. And I watched it few times! So for this one, I did drop my tears, but not as bad as Click as it is more or less the same story line.

Well, what's the similar moral of the 2 stories?
1. Don't upset about your current situation or problem. If you are given a chance and live again, it might be worse of making other decisions. Be happy, face and enjoy it, because you only live once!
2. Get rich or pretty girl friend doesn't means you can handle it, there's too many things you need to sacrifice!
3. Treat your girl friend or wife better, because she may be the best candidate among all!

On the other hand, the story doesn't ask you not to work hard to create your own wealth. Just that we try not to look back anymore, but move forward!

Have a nice weekend, folks.

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