Sunday, November 20, 2016

Make America Great Again?

Yes, it was the biggest news of the year everybody talked about last week. Donald Trump beaten Clinton and won the US president election.

I like what Trump always shared in books, go big or go home. This time, he really went big and he got the president. To be honest, I did not expect him to win, or if he win, he will not win by outnumber. However, I have been admiring him since The Apprentice. Because he is an outstanding businessman. His business tactics are weird and won't be used by gentlemen, but somehow they are effective.

So what tactics he actually used for this election?

1. Pretend
Trump pretends he is the best, even though he is not. He pretends he is the best president by painting a good future for the citizens. He talked like he is perfect, but in fact he has weaknesses. Anyway, pretend only can be achieved by highly confident and ego person, like him. Why he likes to do so? Imagine if he always tell lies, will he succeed until today? That's his strategy. If he is confident he can do it, he will pretend to be succeed first. Make America Great Again, he really pained a bright future picture for the America with this slogan.

2. Depreciate Opponents
He likes to play this game. Look at how he depreciate Clinton, her husband and Obama. I also remembered how he depreciated Richard Branson and many people in his books. That's his 'always use' strategy.

3. Exaggerate
He ballooned most of the promises and facts. Do you think he really can convince Mexico will pay and build the wall? Can US really ban every incoming muslim? All don't make sense. Come on. And he talked the mass he has net worth of $10B? Buffet asked him to prove by showing income tax report, he doesn't even dare to prove it. However, do you think he wants to make you believe it? No. That is not his point. Trump just wants your attention, everyone's attention. And guess what, he made it. Everyone can now remember what he promised and told!

Another tactic he likes to use in his business is lawsuit. Trump likes to make use of lawsuit to take advantage, so no one dare to mess up with him. That's rich people's game.

Anyway, those are just my observation and comments. I personally do have great respect to him as a successful businessman and confident person. I read his books and watch The Apprentice, and I'm into what he advice. It's useful.

I wish all the best for Trump as the coming president, hope he can really makes America great again!

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