Sunday, May 7, 2017

Money Game's Joke

As you know Money Game is really a hot topic in Malaysia for the past 2 weeks. There's a joke about how it works.


"One day, the vegetable market comes a beggar. Some people donate him some money, but most people don't.

The beggar asked and recorded all the people's address who donated him some money. After few days, a Bentley stopped in front of him. He rides on the car and visited each of the person in the address list to pay back the money, but pay back in 10 times of what they offered earlier. $1 he gave $10 back, and $5 he gave $50 back. The news was spread widely and most people in the vege market were shocked.

The next day, he came to the market again. The mass started to rush and gave him money. Within an hours, more than hundreds have passed the money to him. As usual, he records all the people address properly. The next few days, he brought assistants and more and more people gave him money. He also promised he will return they money to them in few days time.

After one week, the people started to stop giving money to him. And hence, the beggar collected a lot of money, then he left for good and did not return anyone's money.

The name of the beggar is called ......... Money game."


I have involved in money game once, and of course, I was very unlucky as I joined during the last stage, where the fund has already grew up to $200M. After joined for less than 3 months, it collapsed and the rest is history. I paid $8,000 for this lesson. ;(

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