Sunday, May 28, 2017

Project Management Professional (PMP)

If you are interested to be a project manager, or currently a project manager who wish to get a certification on project management, perhaps you can try to go for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

I did it before and it is not that difficult, as long as you put some efforts on it. Before I took it, I was a only 1.5 years project manager, which is consider green. For exam details, you can refer to PMI web site, as it can be changed from time to time. But we have no choice that we have to sit there for a couple of hours like a student to go through hundreds of questions!

Below are how I did for my PMP certification:

1. When I did research via Internet, most of the people are proposing PMP Exam Prep from Rita Mulcahy. Without hesitate, I purchased PMP Exam Prep latest edition written by Rita Mulcahy. It costs about USD60-80 depends on where you buy. You can buy directly from Amazon for cost saving. No doubt, the content she written are really aim for exam prep. The way she tried to explain is bringing us to the right understanding on what the answer we should input. One time study may not enough because I don't really get 60% of understanding from my first study. The book is quite thick but the second time should be very fast.I spent about 4 weeks to read it twice.


2. When I started my 2nd time study on PMP exam prep, I have registered for the official 4 days PMP training course at Kuala Lumpur (KL). The instructor was the famous MC Leong. I managed to pick up the training syllabus easily because I have done item 1. Among all students, I was the only one can pick up, while the rests are facing some challenge as the instructor is doing knowledge transfer based on the PMI's PMBOK (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge) text book.

3. Upon return from the training, I scheduled for the exam in 3 weeks time. I went through the PMBOK text book once and then start to do sample exam questions available from the Internet.


4. The final stage is doing the exam. I flew over to KL again for my PMP exam. It was a sleepless night as I was stress. I only managed to sleep a couple of hours then attend the 4 hours long rally exam! About 45 mins before time's up, I managed to finished the questions. I examined back the questions which I have doubt, and then end the exam 20 mins before ending. And kaching! it shows passed!

For those who is single, have free time at night and weekend, and on the project management path, perhaps it's time to go for PMP. It's an excited one.

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