Saturday, May 13, 2017

Movie Review: Passengers 2016

I just watched Passengers last night, and hence would like to give a review about this movie. I'm sorry as I know this is a Dec 2016 movie but I just came across it yesterday!


In summary, the story line sounds very simple and boring, but when watch along I feel it is all right and I managed to watch it in one shoot (normally I split a movie few times to watch). What keep me watching is the interesting stuffs found in the movie when Chris Pratt trying to explore new stuffs in the spacecraft. After a while Jennifer Lawrence joined, then only started the typical dating story. Next, it comes the very typical disaster, and end by typical ending.

There's no surprise for the movie, and overall only 3-4 people are staring in this movie! But somehow director managed to make use of the spaceship new things to create the curiosity out from us. On top of that, Jennifer Lawrence is pretty and she is trying hard to show off her body. That's the only selling point I guess.

Below are my review rating about Passengers:
Cast: 7.5/10
Plot: 8.5/10
Effect: 7/10
Action: N/A
Story line: 4/10
Overall: 7/10

You can spend time to watch, if you like about adventurous. ;)

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