Friday, March 5, 2010

Adsense Dumped Me

Have you encounter such a case before? And how do you resolve it?

When I opened up my Email today, I received an Email from Google Adsense. I thought they want to deliver a cheque to me, since my account has gathered a qualified amount after quite some times. Thanks to the readers' clicks and support. :) 

Unfortunately, this Email is to inform me that my Adsense account is disabled. I don't really get it, friend. I did not even click on my blog's advertisement at all, or do anything violated it. This is just doesn't make sense to me. The Email content is as follows:

So it's about advertisers complaint about my blog traffics. To protect the advertisers, they have to disable my Adsense account. Congratulations to me! Is it real? Nobody will know, except Adsense employees. Am I get frustrated? Of course, because I just lost a small value cheque which is my blog major income. Am I de-motivated from blogging? Perhaps only for short-term. Gee, in fact, I plan to use the income to purchase a domain for this blog. 

To be honest, I felt like being dubbed dumped. Fine, it is not a big deal. Perhaps it's time for me to switch to other advertisers. I believe they will offer me a better income. 

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