Friday, March 26, 2010

Free Trip to Adelaide, Australia

Thousands apology that I'm skipping my blog post for more than a week. I've my reasons to do so, so please forgive me.

Back to my topic, are you interested to visit Adelaide, Australia with your love one for FREE? 

I'm not kidding, Adelaide Tourism and Malaysia Airline are work in hand to give out free trip to Adelaide with 3 nights accommodation. Before that, you just have to be the winner of the self-drive challenge. I believe it won't be too hard, if you use a touch screen to play, of course with the answer ready.

The best record so far is 49.xx seconds. I did in a manual way with the answers ready, the fastest I can go is about 51.xx seconds only. To surpass it, you really need a touch screen.

What are you waiting for, go play it now!
Good luck!

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