Monday, March 15, 2010

Re: Why I Like It Longer Contest

Hi folks, perhaps you still remember I wrote a post regarding 'why I like it longer' for an advertiser contest early of last month. I found out it was a lame post as I re-read it today. It is not creative and interesting enough. Well, what I can say is I will try better and harder the next time.

Of course, the contest has ended and the 3 winners were announced. Are you interested to know what these 3 winners wrote and why they managed to walk away with a brand new LG Chocolate BL40 worth RM2,199?

Okay, the official 3 LG Chocolate winners are as below:

In fact, I have personally review each of them, I believe they are creative by spending effort and time to create self-photos to make the content more interesting and creative. In contrast, I only use my words to express my idea. That would be a huge discount without using self-made pictures. Perhaps I should look into this?

Of course no! I better look into LG Chocolate BL40 instead, or at least the model in the picture. ;)

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