Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Corrupt Is Your Country?

On yesterday, Transparency International has released an official report on Corruption Index over 178 countries. The report is based on the ratings given by businessmen and professionals opinions to the government of the listed countries. on scale from 0 (highly corrupt) and 10 (highly clean). In general, index below 3 considers the corruption is very serious, where 7 above is consider clean.

Congratulations to Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore, as they are rated as world #1 in this survey, where Finland and Sweden ranking at #4, and #6 to #10 are taken by Canada, Netherland, Australia, Switzerland and Norway. North Europe has conquered 4 seats out of 10, where Asia has 3 seats in hand.

The bottom rank is Somalia with index 1.1, where Myanmar and afghanistan grab the last 2nd, Iraq no.4 from behind, Sudan, Turkemenistan and Uzbekistan at last no.5. I feel bad for them. Notable among decliners over the past year are some of the countries most affected by financial crisis percipitated by transparency and integrity deficits.

As for Malaysia, it is rated as 4.4, ranking at 56 out of 178 countries. The index is slighly lower than last year, where it has 4.5 on last year. And in year 2008, Malaysia is rated 5.1. From the statistics, can we say Malaysia did a poor job on this?

May be. But as usual, I'm expecting the representative from The Government will gives a lot of craps to local reporters to deny the truth.

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