Thursday, October 14, 2010

Proton Inspira In The House

Hey, our national car maker, Proton Holdings Ltd has unveiled a new mid-size 4-door Dedan lately, named "Inspira" today. Yes, this name sounds suck, you may wonder another low quality car from Proton. Before we judge it, do you still remember my previous compliment post on Proton and it's Managing Director?

Basically this new model is developed based on the current model of Mitsubishi Lancer. Lancer is always a success model under Mitsubishi. To me, Proton models are famous in 'ugly' outlook design. Perhaps they have learned a lesson and they steal the idea from second national car maker, PERODUA. Instead of wasting money to design and develop models at it's own, Proton has made a good move by cloning the success model, cut down the design and developing cost, and sell it at a cheaper price to stimulate the sales, while trying to grab back some market shares from other sedan manufacturer. It could be a tripple win for Proton, if PERODUA just sit there and do nothing. I'm fully support this move!

The price of this model would be tentatively ranged from RM79,888 to RM95,000. Yes, it is a lot cheaper compare to the similar sedans, such as Honda Civic, Toyota Altris and Mitsubishi Lancer, about 40% cheaper. It is even slightly cheaper than lower range sedan such as Honda City, Toyota VIOS and Nissan Latio.

The Proton Inspira is developed from a Mitsubishi Lancer with the choice of a Mitsubishi’s 4B10 1.8 liter engine with a 5-speed manual, a Mitsubishi 4B10 1.8 liter engine with a 6-speed virtual ratio CVT gearbox, or a top of the range 2.0 liter 4B11 engine with the same CVT transmission with added steering column paddle shifters.

Regarding the same old problem, quality, I'm not sure yet, perhaps we can read some comments from a local car famous blogger here and wait for end-user to comment after this. I may consider to buy one unit next year, if this model is proven and my financial situation allows me to do so. Anyway, the booking is allow from today onwards and it comes with 4 colors. Managing Director aims at 1,600 units sales a month and plan to do export after the stabilization period. I believe Proton can makes it this time.

Good job, Proton!
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