Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rebootless Updates For Your Windows

"You must restart your computer to install these updates." Everyone has seen this message before, and everyone hates it. Rebooting is a disruptive process--and, as a consequence, many system administrators and end-users delay the installation of important updates. Unfortunately, updates correct security vulnerabilities, and a machine that is not up to date is necessarily also a vulnerable one.

We wonder why Microsoft never try to solve this problem? They just want us to reboot our server and computer almost everytime we apply their fixes and patches? It really doesn't make sense! Fortunately, human is always creative. And thanks to Ksplice, the solution is out there. Ksplice has managed to bag US$100,000 grand prize in Forbes 3rd annual Boost Your Business content with this product. You may want to read it's success story below.

"Ksplice has developed a solution to this problem: technology that can transform traditional updates into rebootless updates. This technology makes it possible to patch software while it is running, without any disruption or downtime. Software vulnerabilities cost U.S. companies hundreds of billions of dollars per year, according to a study by the Government Accountability Office. This number could be dramatically reduced if system administrators kept software up to date with the latest bug fixes. In fact, the vast majority of security exploit attacks in the wild--greater than 90%--are made possible by systems not being patched with the latest available updates. A solution that makes it possible to deploy updates seamlessly could save companies tens of billions of dollars per year in reduced operational costs and reduced costs from security incidents.

We will sell to software and system vendors (e.g., operating system vendors, telecom and networking equipment vendors, enterprise software application vendors, storage solution vendors) who want the capability of distributing rebootless updates for their products. Ksplice will be paid in three ways: a license fee, a development fee for transforming each traditional update into a rebootless update, and a small royalty fee for each unit that features this technology."

Perhaps the next challenge is, someone able to develop a virus/spyware-free Windows system? We'll see.

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