Sunday, November 16, 2008

FREE Trip to Taiwan Contest

If you are from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia or Singapore,
If you are aged between 18 and 30,
If you like to travel to Taiwan,
I have a good news to you!

Do you know Taiwan Youth Travel is giving out free round trip tickets to Taiwan, as well as travel allowance of USD$1,000 in cash to the lucky person!

Taipei-101, former world tallest building.

Yes, since not many people know about it, you might be the lucky person if you are qualified the requirements mentioned above. Even though you can win the 1st price, you may still entitle to 1 out of 120 Skype phones.

Wait a moment, it's not as easy as you think by by just submitting your name and you can win it without single effort. You will need to fill in your motive of participating the event and personal experience, theme and characteristics of the travel plan of Taiwan, arrange an itinerary of at least 10 days, and list out the ways you use to share your traveling experience in Taiwan. Wow, seems like a lot to fill in.

Apart from traveling, Taiwan is well known at it's many local foods.

he itinerary may cover the budget planning, idea about traveling, idea and arrangement of routes, contents of the theme, or the reasons of coming to Taiwan and so on. You can further explain the contents by any collected supplementary information so as to assist the referees in fully understanding your plan and contribution.

But I guess it should be all right for those who like to travel? It's a chance for you to travel for totally free man! The contest is held from 1st Oct to 30 Nov, so you should have plenty of time to think of how you write your journey.

Perhaps you can look for gorgeous supermodel Ling Chi-Lin if you visit to Taipei.

For full details, please visit
Taiwan Youth Travel web site.
If you win it, please let me know so I can share the joy with you. ;)

Good luck!

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