Friday, November 28, 2008

How to Benefits from Seminar?

Do you like to attend seminar?

To be honest, I kinda hate it, if it is out of my interests. In the past, I will fall asleep, dig my nose, mourning, sms'ing, visit toilet frequently etc, as long as I try to pass time in order to finish it. Or perhaps, sometimes, if possible, I'll just leave the seminar.

Well, beware of what I did, and it was past. For now, I've learned a lesson. If we spend our heart for the talk, it might able to change our life. I mean IF, so far seminar hasn't change my life yet.

Will it be more efficient if the speaker looks like my favorite lady?

So how do we actually learn from the seminar? This is not simple, my friend. Always remember, there is no free lunch in this world. Since we have to accept it, there are actually FOUR primary skills that can help us to improve in absorbing the important value of the seminar.

1. Don't just listen to what we understand.
Poor guy only listens to what he understand, i.e. entertainment program from radio/TV, and escape from important content. This will definitely reduce our listen capability level.

2. Remember think is always faster than speak.
A speaker need to spend 1 minute to speak about 100 words, where a normal human just need minute to think about 400 to 500 words. This distance allows us to have more time to think other things. In fact, we should utilize this 'extra' time to evaluate whether the speaker's content is true/important for us.

3. Try to forecast the following point/topic.
A good listener will always try to expect the next discussion point/topic from the speaker. If we managed to guess it, we able to expect more from the speaker positively. If we were wrong, we can think about why the speaker against our expectation. Great, we are not passive anymore if we do that. Apart from that, we can also benefits to be more concentrate and improve our analysis as well as memory level.

4. Do 5 seconds essence note.
An experience listener will always spend 5-10 seconds to evaluate and jot down the essence of the talk from the speaker, while the speaker is drinking water, or write something on the board. This will also help us to improve our analysis and memory level.

If the seminar is talk about MONEY, I bet we all know what to do.

Apart from learning, we should also do quite note. So when what notes we need to jot down normally?
1. On the board.
2. Some points the speaker kept repeating.
3. Words that the speaker emphasize with louder voice or gesture.
4. Important point, such as different aspects... or, the 2nd reason is...
5. Summary before the end of the talk.

Okay, sounds simple. Let's begin to practice and do it in our next seminar.

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