Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Online Printing

When we want to do name card, brochure or printing, normally we will head to stationary shop and get it done. But sometimes we found it is quite wasting time, as we have to drive to the stationary shop and queue. And we need to wait a few hours and days until we can get our printing.

Online printing seems like a good idea, as we can save our time on transportation.
seems like doing a good job here, which offering multiple choices of business cards, note pads, invitation cards, windows decals, rubber stamps etc. Most of the items are offer at a reasonable price and interestingly, some of them are even free!

It's easier for online printing

In reality, I think online printing is a profit making online business. Customers can confirm the design via email or video conferencing, and delivery the printing via post/courier, without the need of seeing each other. It's quick, save cost and interesting. If the printing gets wrong, we can just email back to ask for amend, without the need to return to the printing shop again. If you doing a good job, customers will definitely return again.

Online printing business, anyone?

Thus, I foresee this online business will getting more popular in the future.

E-entrepreneur rocks!

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