Monday, November 3, 2008

Talk to Me

Do you like to watch drama?

I do, but I seldom watch it due to busy on my works. If I watch, I will choose some genres that I'm interested, such as funny, romantic or story that I think it's interesting and fresh to me.

I watched a series of 39 episodes Hong Kong drama lately, named Moonlight Resonance. It was a cool drama, talked about issues happen in a big family. It was touch and interesting in the beginning, but I loss my interests with it after I watched over half of the episodes. Well, I managed to learn a word from the drama, 'affection'.

In fact, I'm not intend to talk about the drama story today. I'm trying to share a romantic and sentimental English song I got from the drama. The song theme is 'Ice Cream' (also known as 'Talk to Me') from DNR. I love Ice Cream! If you already watched the drama, you should have already knew about this song.

If you interested with 'Talk to Me' mp3, just post a comment below, I can share the download URL to you. ;)

1 comment: said...

please share me the download url.
I love the song... Talk to me.

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