Thursday, November 13, 2008

Visiting Tire Shop

Okay. Now it's the time to give the previous post's riddle answer.

Like the anonymous commented, yes, you shouldn't take the $2 into account. Mathematics should be calculate in logical way. Meaning, you just need to take $25 (they paid) + $2 (waitress pocketed) + $3 (changes) = $30. Done.


By the way, that's about my previous post. I would like to share something else today. ;)

I visited a tire shop yesterday noon. By the shop look from outside, it looks exclusive and expensive. Since the car's alignment is always encountering problem and I noticed it's alignment machine is new and high-tech, I decided to give it a try without looking at the price.

I think most of Malaysia's tire shops need to improve their customer service.

It has a customer service center and there are some people to serve you. And the living room is comfortable and huge. It provides comfortable sofa and Astro programme for you to relax while waiting for your car to be align. And there is also a staff to make coffee/tea for you! I feel good about it, rather than standing and waiting in a dirty and small tire shop!

Does alignment technology really worth your penny?

Well, within my expectation, the mechanic came back to me after 10 minutes. He told me that the car's chamber needs to be adjusted as well and it will cost me SGD$125, but sum up it will be SGD$100. That's fine, I prefer to do it in one go, as I still left some cash in my wallet.

I continued to sleep, watch TV and drink tea in the living room, while waiting for him to fixe it. What surprise me is that, he fixed it for about 2 hours! He took so long huh, I don't really know what he trying to fix. That's fine, I paid SGD$100 for it huh!

After that, the customer service gave me a book of discount/free coupons. Initially I thought it was a rubbish. But when I take a deep look at it, I found out some of them are quite useful, such as 3 x free tires rotation coupon and 1 x free car wash etc. Fine. The customer service also gave me a Free recheck voucher for me to return and check my car after 1 month, just to make sure the alignment/chamber is still working fine. Wow, that's impressive huh. So I paid SGD$100 and left happily.

Unfortunately, the tire shop doesn't has what I always looking for.

In fact, the charge is expensive, which I can get abt 70% of the price in any other smaller workshop. I'm happy because the service is exceptional, the staffs are polite, the place for customer to wait is clean and comfortable, and they also provide useful voucher/coupons in order to attract customer to keep coming back. This is a brilliant strategy, which a business person should learn.

Just realized that entrepreneur way can be easy when you are creative!

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