Friday, November 7, 2008

Who Slept With Her?

I like to watch comedy movie, especially movie acts by Stephen Chow. It's very funny and always out of my expectation. Yes, I love it until I put his picture as my profile picture in my blog, Facebook and messenger. Well, sometimes watching other genres of comedy movies will get some surprise.

On last night, I downloaded and watched a comedy Korean movie. The theme name is "Who Slept With Her?" released in 2006. I found it is interesting not because the story line, it's about a sexy teacher. She is damn pretty, hot, sexy, fit, tall and most surprisingly, big boobs. Wow! I hardly can seen in Korean movie. It's sort of highly recommended from Ekimkee blog.

Let me just simply introduce the synopsis of this comedy movie. The story talks about a 22 years old sexy teacher entered to a male high school for practical. All students are attracted by her sexy appearance. There is three 17 yrs old lucky asses trying to get along with her, and there is a school supervisor always trying to stop them for doing so, and created some of the funny scenes.

Along the story, you'll have to guess which student (out of the 3 lucky asses) slept with the sexy teacher. Apart from funny, there are quite a couple of scenes that the sexy teacher showing off her nice body. You should have noticed with some scene pictures I attached in this post.

Here's my review for this comedy Korean movie.
Cast: 8.5/10 (for the sexy teacher only)
Plot: 5.5/10 (so so)
Cinematography: 6.5/10 (good quality)
Humor: 5.5/10

Story line: 4/10
Chick: 9/10
Overall: 5.5/10

Her name is Kim Sa Rang. You can watch part of her superb dancing from the movie here. No regret.
What a gorgeous lady! ;)


Mell said...

hahaha ya i have this movie. still in the harddisk. havent really watch it. we only skip2 the scene, looking for some 'nice view'. nose bleed. :D

Vincent Lee said...

Haha. Too bad you haven't watch it, it's interesting though. LOLz.

das said...

i want to download this film..
pls give link...
i see movie stills ..i like thats..

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