Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Night with Exclusive North India Restaurant

Do you like North Indian cuisine? For me, it tastes good and I do enjoy it occasionally. I visit North Indian restaurant about once or twice a month. If you still remember, I've written a post related to this on few months back.

Hey, I just had a dinner at a new renovated North Indian restaurant nearby my house in the middle of last week. I've a good anticipation on it, because the restaurant served the best food I like before the renovation. My favorite crusine is Lamb Masala. Yummy!

Unfortunately, once we stepped in to the restaurant, we have uncomfortable feel. Why? It's simple, the renovation is just too luxury! We felt like it's for the rich to enjoy the meal. We expected it would be like 'damn' expensive. Anyhow, we decided to continue to dine in as we are in fact quite hungry.

This North Indian restaurant has Exclusive Setup where I never visited.

Once the waitress passed us the menu, we were stunted. The basic dish costing SGD$11-13 and unfortunately, the portion is quite small. There were 5 of us, which means we have to order minimum 5 dishes plus some rices and drinks. Wow, this should be the very expensive meal for us.

Okay, we settled the meal with unhappy face but great appetite that night. The total was around SGD$70, 5 of us. If you dined in other lower class restaurant, I believe you can enjoy it at around SGD$40 for 5 persons. Luckily we have HSBC credit card, which is entitled to get 15% discount. Great, save us a bit.

This few dishes caused us SGD$70?! Don't kidding me man!

Price should not be the issue for me, if the food portion and taste worth the value. Unfortunately, this North Indian restaurant was just too exclusive, from renovation till the very small portion of 'masala'. We are very disappointed in fact. Well, it claimed that it is the franchise of well-known North Indian cuisine Tandoor US. The restaurant name is exactly, =.= That's why it needs to be exclusive and expensive huh?

Of course, I will never visit restaurant again, unless it transform to the original restaurant I used to dine in. I tell ya it won't gain much by having luxury customers in such a small local market. The whole night we dined in, there were only 2 other customers walked in, and apparently both of them are tourists. In that case, how long it can lasts under such a economy downturn situation now?

What if I just order a cup of warm water & enjoy the setup? Will the boss kills me?

To be honest, I don't know what the boss is thinking. He is having a very good business in previous setup with reasonable price, but why he transformed it into a silent (without customer) restaurant? Perhaps he has big business in mind, which is out of my expectation. I wish him good luck.

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