Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Creative Birthday Card

Referred to my previous blog, I did talk about KC Lau is a local blogger from Penang write about personal finance, and now I will talk about how I discovered KC Lau. In fact these 2 matters are not related. Haha!

Yes, I'm looking for unique birthday card from the Internet for my female friend (please don't ask me who, just a friend) birthday on last week. From the wide search engine, I found this web site having very unique and creative birthday card, it's 3D! I'm trying my way to get it, and luckily, I found out that his blog post that he is giving away one of these birthday card for free!

Have a look at one of my favorites.
"Break the Birthday Code"

That's perfect and I shall able to get it via mail!

You want one of them too? Refer to the instructions from KC Lau and you can get one too easily!
Don't forget to read his personal finance tips to help him generate some income too.

Have you try it? I got all series of 3D birthday card due to I'm the 1st one did that! Very nice of them, to be send out to my friends soon. ;)


RiccLee said...

I'd love to learn how to make new b/day card.. But crap.. I hate when waiting for youtube to load.. so, dun bother for now.. LoL

Anonymous said...

Well, it's alright dude, as it won't show the making of the card, but as long as you happy k. xp

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