Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nice Voice & Play from KC Lau

I realized a local blogger from Penang posted his self-play piano & self-singing in YouTube lately. This is very unique for me and not as what you thought. When I listen to it, it's very clear and quiet, almost close to professional singing and hardly can find mistake. I'm not sure whether the sound was being edited, so please kindly help to verify.

Please spend some time to watch his 'MV' with 'shorts' below.

#1 KC Lau - Everyday

Impress? You may enjoy his another unique performance.

#2 KC Lau - I Love You

Interested to know more about him? (Sorry the only thing spoiled is, his leg was uncontrollable). -.-) He is KC Lau, a personal finance money tips blogger from Penang. Ahem, seems like his 2 talents are not related to each other leh.

So how do I discovered him?
Actually I need him to do me a favor, I will talk about it in detail in my next post very soon.


van said...

He probably used a very good mic to record. Or one of those clip on mics that feeds back straight to his video cam.

I do agree he does have some sort of uncontrollable leg syndrome....initially i thought he was pressing the pedal....then the other leg moved too...abit crazy..but this guy has got good voice.

Pretty interesting blog! I'm procrastinating big time...should be revising for my exams.....

Anonymous said...

I see. Thanks for sharing dude! You are the man of men! LOLz.

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