Sunday, June 1, 2008

NASA Staff Suspended for Blogging During Work

A news obtained from online news, one of NASA employees has been suspected writing blog during while at work lately. And this blogger is being suspended for 180 days without pay. Hah! This is interesting.

Blogger blogs.

So what will happen if we blogging during work in Malaysia? Will we get suspended or sacked? If I'm the boss or superior, perhaps I'll just give verbal warning to the blogger staff. "Please blog at home la come on!"

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Al said...

Blogging in office? Well. It is not advisable to blog in office especially during office hours but for me personally, if I'm really fed up with my work, I sometimes do some blogging stuff. As long it doesn't affect the work and knew the limit, it should be fine. Anyway, it is actually up to individual to think about this.

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