Monday, June 30, 2008

Illegal Immigrants Issue

Perhaps you have already know Sabah having the most illegal immigrants in Malaysia. Majority of them came from Philippine and Indonesia, I'm sure that Sabah is the most strategic and easiest location for them to come in.

They won't worry about hunger, because they can get food, drink, money and shelter easily. No lie. If they lack of money, they can just go around parking lot and collect money from the motorists. If we don't give them, they scratch our cars. Or they can sell lottery result. I think it should be some bastards provide montery to manipulate them. Worse come to worse, they dare to rob you on the street. If they need a shelter, they can just build their wood house anywhere they like, even around the city. Hey, it just sounds so stupid.

They can build seaside housing anywhere they like, but Sabahans have to pay to build our own house.

Surprisingly, we even have statistics on total number of illegal immigrants in Sabah, every year. I wonder who the hell is so free and dumb to waste our tax money to do such stupid statistics. They should spend time and money to eliminate them instead.

Illegal immigrants issue in Sabah already dragging for many years and still yet to resolve until now. Why this can happen? We ask our PM to resolve it for us on last few months back, but he only asked us to form a committee to resolve it ourselves. This kind of committee shouldn't have already form 4 years ago while BN took over?

I saw the local newspaper that the respective officers are doing their works by raiding the illegal immigrants on last week. Good start, but what's the point if there are issues remain unsolve behind this? Hey dude, I heard they able to escape from the illegal immigrants center easily. They can cut the fence, bribe the officers or escape from the main gate under poor security.

Kid: Dad, I've been caught, pls pick me up at 5pm later ok, the FREE food/drinks sucks inside here.

If we managed to send them back, they able to come back here again very fast, perhaps within a week, because the security control over Sabah boundary is just too weak. May be it's not weak, it's about corruption. Sight, our PM slogan seems like not working at all. Some local politicians already pinpointed the same issues many times, but still the inability of decision and management among the leaders remain the issues.

C*st*m: Come on faster, RM400 per head. Tomorrow we can change our Kancil to VIOS already. Yahoo!

As a Sabahan, what can we do now?
Of course, we can continue to enjoy the 'fascinating' view of increasing wood housing along the highway, contribute 'tips' to the illegal jockeys, notice their populations growing dramatically in Sabah and grab our peace & benefits eventually.

Since this guy addresses on the same topic, may be Obama can help us?

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