Monday, June 16, 2008

Looking for FREE Anti Virus?

Are you afraid of your PC/notebook/smart phone is vulnerable to e-threats such as virus, spyware, trojan or spyware? To secure against these threats, your windows perhaps need a comprehensive protection. The so-called comprehensive protection should consists of anti virus/spyware/phishing and personal firewall, Intrusion Detection System, and perhaps an anti spam if you are using Email client. I believe you already have at least one of them.

What can really secure my PC? Perhaps a pad lock?

There are many FREE version of anti virus software out there, few of the popular and widely use one are:
a) AVG Free AV
b) Free Avast! AV Home Edition
c) Avira AntiVir Free Edition
d) PC Tools AV Free AV
e) BitDefender Free AV Edition
Are you currently using any one of them? What's your comment about them?

BitDefender also want to gain certain market share on Free AV.

I used them before and I'm relatively okay with them. They are FREE and provide basic protection against virus, so I have no complaint about them at all. But, if you think they are good, then please do me a favor. Get a pen drive with any virus/spyware, plug it into your windows installed with any free AV above, and see what can it detects. Or you can just browse any software crack web site, and see what it able to detect. It's NONE. Even it detects, it detects only virus, not spyware or trojan, due to its limitations and it's FREE.

So what anti virus actually offering comprehensive solution we need? There are many paid version of anti virus offering such solution, among the famous and expensive one are Trend Micro Pc-cilin, Symantec Norton AV and McAfee AV.

Norton 360, brings comprehensive protection but it is sooOO expensive!

Why pay more if there is better and cheaper solution? I would like to introduce you Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, a new version of comprehensive anti virus solution from Kaspersky. Kaspersky AV is rated as top #2 anti virus software this year by .

BitDefender ranked #1? It must be cheating.

The cost of 1 year KIS license is relatively cheap, for about less than RM200, you can get a 3 users pack license already at any IT retail in Malaysia. Cool?
No, need to pay is always not cool enough, we need to save more instead. How about you can get it FREE trial for 6 months?! Okay, click here to download latest IS 2009 now, and apply the activate code below during installation.

You'll get it to run for 6 months, NO JOKE! For existing Kaspersky user who is still running older version, please upgrade now to enjoy the new version improvements (eligible to apply code above too!). Now you can throw away your free AV and try Kaspersky at home, office or any where you like. ;)

If you think it is really good after 6 months trial, just buy one to support and keep it survive.

KIS 2009 has a lot improvement made.

Besides, good news for mobile users, you can even get Kaspersky AV trial up to 1 year! La-la sound go here, select and download your mobile OS version now!

Please remember to update the pattern after install, and check the latest version of the software from Kaspersky web site from time to time. You also need to tune your first time AV settings to optimize your windows performance and get rid of the protections you don't need.

Kaspersky: I kill virus too, can I become a Legend too?

I have activated mine, you? Let's say bubye to virus and spyware. xD


FloDawn said...

Hi Vincent,
Thanks for visiting my space :)
I've watched 'Legend'. It's a great movie but I won't watch it a second time. Why? Cos Samantha the dog died!! *sob sob* that scene was so sad...

RiccLee said...

Cis.. for 6 months nia?? No point la..

Vincent Lee said...

Hey flo & ricc, no problem bah klau ko. LOLz.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone recommend the well-priced Remote Desktop program for a small IT service company like mine? Does anyone use or How do they compare to these guys I found recently: N-able N-central endpoint security
? What is your best take in cost vs performance among those three? I need a good advice please... Thanks in advance!

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